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Riverview 14 Flex Suites is Nearing Full Capacity

Many businesses are choosing Executive Offices

instead of conventional office space in order

to benefit from the leasing flexibility and time/

cost savings they provide. Flex Suites is unique in

the industry with free parking, superior furnishings,

quality environment, inclusive amenities and outstanding

services provided by our highly trained

professional staff at competitive prices. This

exceptional combination proves effective as it

assists our clients by allowing them to fully focus

on their business.

Flex Suites is pleased to offer a range of Virtual

office packages. Our Virtual Office services

provide the prominence of an office address

without the physical office space and financial

outlay, making Virtual Offices a great option for

small businesses and international companies

alike. With a physical office address, a business

can benefit from a range of services including mail

handling, virtual receptionist telephone answering,

meeting room access, and a wide range of dedicated

business support services and benefits.

For Information Contact Teri Perkins at

or 813.640.0010.

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